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Technical Information

PVC Tubing

Product No.:MATU05

PVC tubing is produced by superior and environmentally friendly polyvinyl colloidal particles, after drying, extruded to tubing when heated up and liquated, then packing in rolls after cooling. With excellent flexibility, mechanical and dielectric capability, flame resistance performance, PVC tubing is widely used in outside insulation protection for outgoing wires of electrical appliances, transformers, electrical motors or lighting equipment, and electronic components, wire harnesses and etc. 

Product Detail

Product Tags


Flame retardant
Excellent insulation
Good flexibility
Resistance to acid & oi




Continuous Operating Temperature


Tensile Strength


Ultimate Elongation


Aging In Circulating Air Oven

7 days at 136.0±1.0℃

After Aging

Tensile Strength


Ultimate Elongation


Potential Rating

300V, 600V

Volume Resistivity


Breakdown Voltage

≥2500(60s)   no breakdown

Corrosion Of Bare Copper

No corrosion

Heat Shock

No cracking

Cold bend

No cracking


Ideal for general insulation and protection for appliance, wire harness, transformer, lead wire of motors, etc.

Packing and Storage

Min. slitting width: 6mm
Core ID: 3” / 6”
Storage: Keep in room temperature. Remove package before use. Unused parts are wrapped in original packaging to avoid moisture absorption. It is recommended to be used up in 6 months.

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