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Heat-resistant & High-strength Polyimide Fiber

Product No.:MAFI02

Our Polyimide Fiber is manufactured through dry spinning technology and has good mechanical properties and excellent properties of high-temperature resistance, flame retardant resistance, radiation resistance, and decay resistance. The filament is available for insulating sheath of cables, tensile cable of satellite antenna, and special woven composite material.

Line density: 1.5D-5.0D(1.67dtex-5.5dtex)

Length : 38mm-150mm

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High-temperature stability: the long-term use temperature of our polyimide fiber is up to 260℃. The fiber can be used at higher temperatures in a short time.
Dimensional stability: the dry heat shrinkage (280℃, 30min) of our polyimide fiber is less than 1%, which can guarantee the dimensional stability of filter bag.
Chemical stability: because of the unique chemical structure and dry spinning technology, our polyimide fiber has better chemical resistance compared with other high-performance fibers.
Excellent quality: mature quality control system ensures the product quality is excellent and stable.


High-end filtration base cloth, insulating sheath of cables, tensile cable of satellite and special woven composite material
Multi-layer insulation of spacecrafts and astronauts space suits

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