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Heat-resistant & High-strength Polyimide Chopped Fiber

Product No.:MAFI01

Our Polyimide Fiber is manufactured through dry spinning technology and has good mechanical properties and excellent properties of high-temperature resistance, flame retardant resistance, radiation resistance and decay resistance. Because of the excellent characteristics, polyimide fiber is used to be a kind of rein forcing material in the composite material to prolong the lifetime of the composite material, especially for the polyimide fiber paper.

Line density: 1.5D-5.0D(1.67dtex-5.5dtex)

Length: 3mm/6mm

Remark: the fiber length can be changed according to the different requirement

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Features of polyimide paper

Heat stability: the long-term use temperature of the paper is 260℃ and the electrical and mechanical properties are not affected.
Flame retardant: the paper carbonized directly without burning under high temperature.
Electric insulation: the dielectric constant of the paper is lower and it can maintain the better electric insulation under high and low temperature and wet environment.
Mechanical performance: the paper is abrasion-proof and has higher strength.
Chemical property: the paper has better acid resistance performance.
Irradiation resistance: because of excellent irradiation resistance, polyimide paper is the material used in aerospace.
Polyimide paper can be used for the insulation of H class motor and dry-type transformer; and also electrical insulation and honeycombed structure material. The honeycombed structure material is widely used as light-weighting lumber of radome, cabin, and aerospace.




Testing Method



GB/T 14335

Breaking Strength(cN/dtex)


GB/T 14337

Elongation (%)


GB/T 14337

Moisture Regain(%)


GB/T 6503

Glass Transition Temp(℃)



Initial Decomposition Temp(℃)



Long-term Use Temp(℃)



Short-term Use Temp(℃)



Limiting Oxygen Index(%)


GB/T 5455


High-performance flexible cables
Multi-layer insulation of spacecrafts and astronauts space suits

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